PARIS EST À NOURS was born in the heads of 3 (somewhat) dreaming Parisians.

Gatien brought the company to life by surrounding himself with his closest friends. Roberto serves as brand manager, while Lily takes care of branding and social media.

A single clear and simple intention: to provide access to quality creations at consumer-friendly prices, while preserving our authenticity as a small independent brand.


Whether we were born there or Paris crosses our path later in life, this city leaves no one indifferent.

It inspires this unique feeling that everything is possible, that nothing can stop us!

The name of our project was obvious... PARIS IS OURS!


Following the seasons is fundamental to our vision of sustainable fashion.

For our first drop, we sought to design a piece perfectly suited to this very special season that is spring. As the days get warmer, it's still necessary to stay covered...

Thus, we prototyped several designs with different insulation densities in order to ensure the perfect balance sought.

Here are “LA BALACLAVA” and “LA CAGOULE” , which will be companions suitable for all situations.